At BiziBean, we believe that a great cup of coffee has to start its journey from the very best green beans. In other words, the quality of the green coffee bean is a vital ingredient to the taste of the final product.

Good coffee and wine have many things in common, and one of them is the concept of terroir. Terroir in coffee, as in wine, is a word that expresses everything about the geographic region of that particular bean: its soil, the weather conditions, and climate - all of which give each coffee its taste and character.

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At Bizibean, we begin with 100% top-grade green beans from the finest plantations around the country, coffee grown by planters who are fiercely proud of their estates and coffees.

All our green coffees are Indian specialty grade and sourced from just 5-10% of the country’s total yearly harvest. These grades include the internationally acclaimed Monsooned Malabar AA and Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold green bean.

These beans are the most flavorful coffees because they are grown at a higher altitude where crops grow denser and more slowly, giving the coffee a more concentrated flavor and aroma. All of our green beans are naturally shade grown under the canopy of dense forest and intercropped with Indian spices like cardamom, cloves and pepper.

This gives our coffee its mildly sweet and spicy characteristics.

Coffee can offer one of the most complex sensory experiences of all the foods and beverages known to mankind.

As green coffee is roasted, amino acids and natural sugars combine, giving the coffee its characteristic brown colour, caramelizing and creating hundreds of flavour compounds that contribute to a vast array of aromatics and nuances.

 Our roast masters constantly experiments and cups, driven by a passion to bring out the best possible aromas, flavours, sweetness, acidity and body in each coffee that we source.

Every grade, every harvest and every lot has different intrinsic characteristics and our roastmaster develops roast profiles that allow the coffees to bring out their individuality, while bringing balance to all of these elements, creating a pleasing experience in the cup for our customers.

When it comes to roasting coffee, we are driven by two principles – Artisanal style and Freshness.

Artisanal means hand crafted and truly depicts our style of roasting, where the roastmaster purely relies on his skill and senses to craft the coffee. Every bean is different and requires individual attention; our experience allows us to get the most out of every bean ensuring the customer a top quality product.This handcrafted style of roasting is often described as the third wave of coffee.

The artisanal style can only be practiced on small batch sizes and we use this as our strength by following “Roast on Demand” philosophy. We can think of this as made to order model where we roast our coffees only on order from our customers. This ensures that the coffees will always be fresh when it reaches the store.

Freshness in coffee is something which can radically alter the taste of coffee in your cup.

Freshly roasted coffee has an intoxicating aroma, lush mouthfeel and lasting aftertaste which is impossible to replicate with coffees past their prime, which in our opinion doesn’t extend beyond 90 days from date of roast !